Based in Lisbon, HeadPartners is an international consultancy and advisory company specialized in ​​People Management, working integrated in contexts of optimization, development and business transformation, involving People, Organizational Models and Governance.


When was HeadPartners created?

Founded in 2002 through a Management Buy-Out of the multinational Stepstone in Portugal, HeadPartners has, over the past 20 years, developed projects in Portugal, Spain, Angola and Brazil, but also in the Maghreb region, the Middle East, China and India, working with Clients across different business areas: Financial Services, Technologies, Construction, Industry, Distribution, Hospitality, Retail, Telecommunications and others.

Along the years, we have maintained a close and trustful relationship with our Clients, participating in independent Committees and advising Directors and Executive Boards on subjects that require great confidentiality and seniority.

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