Development of Skills and Competences

It has never been as decisive as today to capture, retain and develop talent in companies. The goal is not to have compliant and trustworthy people, but to attract and retain professionals who add value and clearly contribute to the organization's success.

Achieving this goal requires having a set of values ​​and a DNA embraced by all, coupled with excellent management, leadership and specialized skills.

Aligning people with businesses on an ongoing basis, the only way not to lose competitiveness, has led us to support our Clients with customized training programs for different levels and cultures – Coaching for middle management and Counselling for executives and top management, each provided with individual development plans.

We have also built medium and long-term Mentoring and Monitoring Programs for young talents, potential future leaders of tomorrow’s corporate world.

Since the foundation of HeadPartners, we carry out Research and Selection of Managers and Executives, nationally and internationally, with a success rate proven by the satisfaction of our Clients in various countries and regions, with Onboarding programs associated with different cultures.

We are also active in attracting and retaining talents or profiles with high demand in the market, which require specific programs to promote the Brand, cultural values ​​and value proposition, with the desired market target – Employer Branding.